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Name                                 Call Sign          Phone No.

Anderson,  Andy            KCMCL            678-3958

Carter,  Louis                   KF4HRM          897-4657, c218-0300

Carter, Shannon             KJ4ECQ            897-4657

Dickason, Jack                 KE4ORA          315-1626

Harbison, Ralph            KD4PNE           678-7889

Kaiser, Mike                    K4ISR                797-3390

Kroha, Curt                     WA4BOZ        678-4831

Maffai, Brad                    N4OYB             678-5060

Maffai, Caroline             KD4YRV           678-5060

Mikles,  Chris                 KF4DHM           729-0434

Richardson, John          W6KBL             897-9725, c83061

Sperry,  Ruhl                  KG4PHO          678-4459



Date                                                        Location

 12/08/2015        AMVETS BUILDING VALPARAISO                

 03/09/2016            "                '                   "             

 06/07/2016            "                "                  "

 09/06/2016            "                "                  "            

The Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TWARC) and its members are working to advance the hobby of amateur Radio in the Niceville-Valparaiso area.  Dues are $20 per year and you do not have to have an amateur radio license to join. The club holds quarterly meetings in Valparaiso where club activities are planned and guest speakers present interesting subjects related to amateur radio. Both members and guests are welcome to attend. In June the club participates in Field Day activities with other clubs in the local area. Field Day is a 24-hour emergency exercise and contest that is sponsored by the ARRL. Points are issued for each contact and the whole activity is lots of fun as all pull  together to make it happen.

Twin Cities Amateur Radio  Club

Upcoming Events

TWARC Members:

TWARC Face-To-Face Club Meetings:

Local Repeaters:

Location             Freqency             Tone                   Call                    Remarks             

Crestview                        147.360+                                    100.0                                  W4AAZ                               North Okaloosa Club


DeFuniak Sprints          147.285+                                    100.0                                  W4FX                                   Walton County Amateur Radio Club


Destin                               147.000+                                      100.0                                  W4RH                                  Destin Water Tower


Eglin AFB                        147.120+                                      100.0                                  W4NN                                 Use for Sunday night net if TWARC is down                            


Ft Walton Bch              146.790-                                        NO                                     W4ZBB                                 FWB Club, Eglin Federal Credit Union Building


Milton                             145.490-                                       NO                                     W4VIV                                 Milton Club


Valparaiso                    146.730-                                        NO                                      K4DTV                                 Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club   

Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club

Sunday Night NET  Preamble  and  Info:

Club Officers:

Louis Carter KF4HRM____.President

Mike Kaiser K4ISR..................Vice-President

Andy Anderson KC4MCL....Secretary

Brad Maffei N4OYB...............Treasurer


Does anyone need to use this repeater before I call the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club Net?


This is  __________(give your call sign).  I will be the  NCS for this session of the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Cllub Net,  which meets every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on the 146.73(-) repeater.  In the event that this repeater is off the air, please go to 147.12(+), which requires a 100-cycle tone.


We also have a HAM get-together on the second Wednesday of each quarter at 7 p.m. in the conference room at the rear of the Amvets Building on Valastics Ave. off HWY 190 in Valparaiso.  Our next meeting there will be on ________.


This is an open net and all amateur stations ae invited to check in and participate.  If there is anyone short of time or on a mobile rig, you are welcome to check in now...(pause)


I will now call the roll in alphabetical order of the cities in the surrounding area.  If your city is not a called, please wait until the end of the roll call when additional check-ins are invited.













That is the roll as I have it.  Are there any late check-ins or check-ins from a city that was not called?


Does anyone have any infomation for the net?


Does anyone have any announcements?


Does anyone have any want, swap, trade, or sell items? You may list the price, but they must be amateur related.


Is there anthing else before I close down the net for this evening?

I thank all who participated in the net tonight, and ask that you spread the word to others that we have a Sunday night net at 8:30 p.m. and would like for them to join us.


Have a good evening, a safe week and we hope to hear from you all next Sunday.


This is _________(give your call sign) returning the repeater to normal amateur radio use. "73's"




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